Volume 14 (2018)

Didaskalia is an academic journal dedicated to the study of ancient theatre and its legacy in performance.

[PDF of entire volume, 96pp, 33MB]

14.01 Salutation from the Editor
Mike Lippman
14.02 The Curious Incident of the Intertextual Debt in the Frogs [PDF]
Donna Zuckerberg
14.03 (En)Gendered Meanings in Oedipus Rex XX/XY [PDF]
B. Manuel Simons
14.04 Review - The Aristophanesathon at the Chopin Theater [PDF]
Lizzy Ten-Hove
14.05 Review - Prometheus Bound at the City Lit Theater [PDF]
Allannah Karas
14.06 Review - Medea at O'Reilly Theater [PDF]
Rosa Andújar
14.07Review - Medea. Stimmen at Deutsches Theater [PDF]
Thomas E. Jenkins
14.08Review - Medea, Written in Rage at Theatre Royal, Brighton [PDF]
Peter Olive
14.09 Review - Bacchae at The European Centre for Theatre Practices [PDF]
Fiona Macintosh
14.10 Herodas States of Mime with introduction by William Levitan [PDF]
Douglass Parker