Volume 11 (2014)

Didaskalia is an academic journal dedicated to the study of ancient theatre and its legacy in performance.

[PDF of entire volume, 53pp, 11.5MB]

11.01 Review - If We Were Birds at the Nimbus Theatre [PDF]
Clara Hardy
11.02 Review - All Our Tragic at the Den Theatre [PDF]
Ruth Scodel
11.03 Review - All Our Tragic at the Den Theatre [PDF]
Daniel Smith
11.04 Review - 50th Season of Classical Plays at the Greek Theatre in Syracuse: Aeschylus’s Oresteia and Aristophanes’ Wasps [PDF]
Caterina Barone
11.05 Currency Exchange: Staging Aristophanes’ Wealth in New Orleans [PDF]
Karen Rosenbecker and Artemis Preeshl
11.06 Review - Agamemnon at Savannah State University [PDF]
Ruth Scodel
11.07 Philoctetes as a Health Educator [PDF]
Robert Hackey