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While it is no longer 1995, it is at least still winter--at least in this hemisphere. In this issue we present to you three papers and a response direct from the 'Comedy Today' panel at the 1995 American Philological Associating meetings in sunny San Diego. The panelists compensated for the early hour of their presentation by giving the audience an enthusiastic rendering of their own version of the opening of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, followed by accounts of productions which certainly did not leave us cold. [ Read more ]...

'Mission to Malibu: Ancient Theatre at the Getty Museum'
RC Beacham

'Performing Plautus in the Provinces'
Leslie Cahoon

'Comment on the Comedy Today Panel'
Mary-Kay Gamel

'Rhyme, Women, and Song: Getting in Tune with Plautus'
Anne H. Groton

'A Production of Plautus' Casina and Menander's Samia'
Kenneth Hamma

'Tony Harrison's Marcus Aurelius: The Kaisers of Carnuntum'
Marianne McDonald

'A production report by the director and translator of Plautus' Casina'
Judith Maitland

Theater Reviews

'Comparing Oedipus'
Caterina Barone

'WHOS Bacchae'
Laurel Bowman

Review of Clouds and Lysistrata
C.W. Marshall

Review of Wertenbaker's Hecuba
Marianne McDonald

Review of For the Love of the Nightingale
Margaret Mezzabotta


Review of Hanna Scolnicov's Woman's Theatrical Space
Theo Carlile

Review of Ruth Padel's In and Out of the Mind and Whom Gods Destroy
Marianne McDonald

Review of Lloyd's translation and commentary of Andromache
Wilfred Major

Review of N.T. Croally's Euripidean Polemic: The Trojan Women and the Function of Tragedy
C.W. Marshall

Window on the World

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Ancient Comic Opera Company
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The Oxford Greek Plays
Kaboodle in The Bacchae (Dancing with a Tyrant)
Ninth London Festival of Greek Drama
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Sophocles' Oedipus Tyrannos in Akron, Ohio
Actors of Dionysus Spring Tour
Euripides' Medea at Trent University
Classical Association Annual General Meeting