Volume 12 (2015)

Didaskalia is an academic journal dedicated to the study of ancient theatre and its legacy in performance.

[PDF of entire volume, 95pp, 90MB]

12.01 Review - Euripides’ Ion at Barnard/Columbia [PDF]
Talia Varonos-Pavlopoulos
12.02 Review - Antigona at West Park Presbyterian Church [PDF]
Michael Goyette
12.03 ADIP II - The Masks of and Tragedy: Their Expressivity and Theatrical and Social Functions [PDF]
Gary Mathews
12.04 Review and Interview - Stink Foot at The Yard, London [PDF]
Julie Ackroyd
12.05 Review - Bacchae at Theatro Technis, London [PDF]
Julie Ackroyd
12.06 Roman Comedy in Performance: Using the Videos of the 2012 NEH Summer Institute [PDF]
Timothy J. Moore and Sharon L. James
12.07 Interviews and Reflections on the NEH Summer Institute on Roman Comedy in Performance, or What We Did at Roman Comedy Camp [PDF]
Mike Lippman and Amy R. Cohen
12.08 Review - Oedipus the King at Randolph College [PDF]
Cristina Pérez Díaz
12.09 Review - 51st Season of Classical Plays at the Greek Theatre in Syracuse: Aeschylus’s The Suppliants, Euripides’s Iphigenia in Aulis, and Seneca's Medea [PDF]
Caterina Barone
12.10 Review - Fatman at Move to Stand and Orpheus at Little Bulb Theatre [PDF]
Stephe Harrop
12.11 Review - Medea at The Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film [PDF]
Amy R. Cohen
12.12 Dictating Parody in Plautus’ Rudens [PDF]
Seth Jeppesen