How Is It Played? Genre, Performance, and Meaning

Proceedings of the conference at Texas A&M

Sallie Goetsch

Elise Garrison, Texas A&M

'The Performance, the Genre, and the Director'
Wulf Koepke, Texas A&M

'Recreating the Playwright's Images: Directing Athol Fugard's *'MASTER HAROLD'....and the boys*'
Roger Schultz, Texas A&M

'Stage Performance in the Age of Virtual Reality: Part One (1)'
Judith de Luce, Miami University

'Stage Performance in the age of Virtual Reality: Part II'
Lee Horvitz, Miami University

'The Actor as Literary Critic'
Jay Malarcher, Louisiana State University

'The Male Actor of Greek Tragedy: Evidence of Misogyny or Gender-Bending?'
Nancy Rabinowitz, Hamilton College

'Did Women Sing in the *Thesmophoriazusae*?'
Philip Ambrose, University of Vermont

'Flesh or Fish or What?-- Euripides' *Orestes*'
Victor Castellani, University of Denver

'Tragicomedy as a Running Joke: Plautus' *Amphitruo* in Performance'
Timothy Moore, University of Texas

'Dramatic Genre and the Don Juan Theme'
Perry Gethner, Oklahoma State University

'Will the Real Medee Please Step Forward?'
Joy Sylvester, Texas A&M University