Volume 8 (2011)

Welcome to the new Didaskalia. With Volume 8 we embark on a new era that will reflect the revolution in online capabilities in the nearly two decades since Didaskalia began. What has not changed is our mission: we are an academic journal dedicated to the study of ancient theatre and its legacy in performance.

[PDF of entire volume (300pp, 48MB)]

8.01 Introducing Volume 8 and Remembering Douglass Parker [PDF]
Amy R. Cohen
8.02 Review: 45th Season of Classical Plays at the Greek Theatre in Syracuse [PDF]
Caterina Barone
8.03 Review: The Brothers Menaechmus at East Carolina University [PDF]
Amy R. Cohen
8.04 Review: A Man Who Hates People at Trent University and the University of Toronto [PDF]
Donald Sells
8.05 Review: Hecuba at Randolph College [PDF]
Jaclyn Dudek
8.06 Interview: Satyrs in L.A. [PDF]
Mary Hart
8.07 KOSKY - The Women of Troy: Barrie Kosky, The Sydney Theatre Company, and Classical Theatre in Australia [PDF]
Elizabeth Hale, guest editor
8.08 KOSKY - Delivering the Message in Kosky's The Women of Troy [PDF]
Helen Slaney
8.09 KOSKY - The Women of Troy: Barrie Kosky's "operatic" version of Euripides [PDF]
Michael Halliwell
8.10 KOSKY - The Women of Troy—New and Old [PDF]
Michael Ewans
8.11 KOSKY - "Toothless intellectuals," "the misery of the poor," "poetry after Auschwitz," and the White, Middle-class Audience: the Moral Perils of Kosky and Wright's The Women of Troy (or, how do we regard the pain of others?) [PDF]
Marguerite Johnson
8.12 Masks in the Oxford Greek Play 2008: Theory and Practice [PDF]
Claire Catenaccio
8.13 The Masked Chorus in Action—Staging Euripides' Bacchae [PDF]
Chris Vervain
8.14 Review: Orestes Terrorist at the University of California, Santa Cruz [PDF]
Fiona Macintosh
8.15 Review: 47th Season of Classical Plays at the Greek Theatre in Syracuse [PDF]
Caterina Barone
8.16 Review: Medea at the Long Beach Opera [PDF]
Yoko Kurahashi
8.17 Interview: Theater of War [PDF]
Amy R. Cohen and Brett M. Rogers
8.18 Storm in a Teacup: an Exercise in Performance Reception in Twenty-First-Century Israel [PDF]
Lisa Maurice
8.19 Review: Seneca's Oedipus at the Stanford Summer Theater [PDF]
David J. Jacobson
8.20 Review: Sophocles: Seven Sicknesses at the Chopin Theater [PDF]
Teresa M. Danze Lemieux
8.21 ADIP I - Ancient Drama in Performance: Theory and Practice [PDF]
Amy R. Cohen
8.22 ADIP I - Play in the Sunshine [PDF]
Jennifer S. Starkey
8.23 ADIP I - Adapting Hecuba: Where Do Problems Begin? [PDF]
Nancy Nanney
8.24 ADIP I - The Twice Born and One More: Portraying Dionysus in the Bacchae [PDF]
Jaclyn Dudek
8.25 ADIP I - A Gestural Phallacy [PDF]
David J. Jacobson
8.26 ADIP I - Double the Message [PDF]
Diane J. Rayor
8.27 ADIP I - Performing the "Unperformable" Extispicy Scene in Seneca's Oedipus Rex [PDF]
Eric Dodson-Robinson
8.28 ADIP I - Compassion in Chorus and Audience [PDF]
Paul Woodruff
8.29 ADIP I - Staging the Reconciliation Scene of Aristophanes’ Lysistrata [PDF]
John Given
8.30 ADIP I - The Delayed Feast: the Festival Context of Plautus’ Pseudolus [PDF]
Laura Banducci
8.31 ADIP I - Euripides' Hecuba: the Text and the Event [PDF]
Kenneth Reckford
8.32 ADIP I - Hecuba in a New Translation [PDF]
Jay Kardan and Laura-Gray Street
8.33 ADIP I - Talkback: Hecuba [PDF]
Mary-Kay Gamel