Crossing the Ancient Stage

Translating is something which all of us from classics backgrounds have had to do, if only to convince an instructor that we understand the structure of a Greek or Latin sentence. Translating for the stage is another matter entirely. In a classroom, one can translate Medea's olola (704) as 'I am in a state of having been utterly destroyed.' No actor would be caught dead saying it.The features in this issue represent a selection of words which actors have said and audiences have heard, and of approaches to translation when performance is the goal. In some cases, translation flows into adaptation, and beyond; the Brazilian Os Sete Contra Tebas described in Ricardo Montenegro's piece is a translation of spirit, not words. The principle which unites these very different scripts and productions is that of playability, an awareness that the words have to work on the stage. [ Read more ]...

Panel Introduction
Mary-Kay Gamel

'Plautine Travesties of Gender and Genre: Transvestism and Tragicomedy in Amphitruo
Pamela Bleisch

'Female Choruses in Greek Tragedy'
Mary deForest

'Kathakali and Greek Drama'
Catherine Freis

'Adest sponsus, qui est Christus: Performing the Male Monastic Body in Sponsus'
James Whitta

Eva Stehle

Theater Reviews

Review of Medea
Caterina Barone

Review of Oedipus Rex in Stratford, Ontario
Laurel Bowman

Review of Helen in Vancouver, British Columbia
Laurel Bowman

Review of Hecuba at Trent University, Ontario
D.J. Conacher

Review of Persians and Septem in Wellington, New Zealand
John Davidson

Review of Asinaria at the University of Victoria, British Columbia
John Fitch

Review of Tragedy in New York City
David Kilpatrick

Book Reviews

Review of Pelling's Greek Tragedy and the Historian
Antony G. Keen

Review of Wiles' Tragedy in Athens
C.W. Marshall

Window on the World

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