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Playing around with Plautus, or "How can I be expected to act in front of all these people"
Postlude: Stage Setting and Space
Richard Beacham

The Masks of Pseudolus
Paul Monaghan

The Experience of an Academic in the Rehearsal Room
Oliver Taplin

Lyrics for Aristophanes
Gail Tatham

Vanguard Theatre Interpreting Classics: Ways of Classical Drama of Antiquity in Russia 1910-1920s
On Tairov's Phaedra in Kamerny Theatre (Moscow)
Dmitry Trubotchkin


(Re)Inventing Euripides' Bacchae
Robin Bond

From Athens to Magna Graecia: Dramatic Vision
Chris Dearden

Performance-Based Research into Greek Drama: What are its Limitations?
Michael Ewans

Plautus Plays Parnassus: Scripts, Books and the Making of Literature
Sander Goldberg

Performing Greek tragedy: a director's view
Elric Hooper

Oedipus at this point in time: Divine Will on a Secular Stage
Harry Love

Greek Drama in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe
Jessie Maritz

Antigone in Otago
Lilicherie McGregor

The Plautine Persona
Paul Monaghan

The University of Melbourne Roman theatres project: reality and virtual reality
Frank Sear

Cutting Comedies
Ian Storey

Masks for Menander: Imaging and Imagining Greek Comedy
Richard Williams