This issue is dedicated to discussion of Tantalus, John Barton's cycle of ten plays about the Trojan War, and to the production based on that cycle, produced by Michael Kustow and directed by Peter and Edward Hall. Tantalus has produced a great deal of animated, at times heated, debate (to which I will not add here). The papers included in Volume 5 Issue 2 represent a good cross-section of those views. The Web allows us the luxury of creating an open-ended publication, and contributions representing yet more perspectives will continue to be added to the issue long after this initial publication date. We open with two articles written for this issue, by Lorna Hardwick and Michael Walton, and with Marianne McDonald's article, first published in Arion and reproduced here by kind permission of Arion Editor, Herb Golder. [ Read more ]...

Tantalus Staged: Anthology, Narrative and the Audience
Lorna Hardwick

A Classical Soap Opera for the Cultural Elite: Tantalus in Denver, Colorado
Marianne McDonald

Michael Walton

TANTALUS SYMPOSIUM, Denver Center for the Performing Arts, 30 October 2000

By kind permission, the following links connect directly to the Adobe Acrobat files created and hosted by the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.

The Politics of Tragedy Ancient and Modern
Paul Cartledge

Drinking from the Sources: Tantalus, Epic and Myth
Deborah Boedeker

Tantalus from the perspective of Modern Adaptation and Remaking of Greek Tragedy
Helene Foley

Tantalus and the Greeks (Part Two: Backgrounds in Greek and Epic Tragedy)
John Gibert

Supporting the Stone: The 10-Year Itch
Graham Ley

Tantalus Symposium
Sheila Murnaghan

TANTALUS SYMPOSIUM, King's College London, 18 May 2001

Judith Herrin


In Conversation with Michael Kustow and Everyone Present
John Barton

Bards, Rhapsodes and Actors
Ismene Lada-Richards

Tantalus and the Problems of the Chorus
Jane Montgomery

Epic Drama
Michael Silk

Masks in Greek Tragedy and in Tantalus
Oliver Taplin

Images of Tantalus

Images of Tantalus courtesy of Manuel Harlan, The Royal Shakespeare Company, and the EPO

Images of Tantalus courtesy of Oberon Books


Review of The World Mysteries: Mysteries of Eleusis, Brooklyn Academy, October 1998
David Kilpatrick

Review of Antigone, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, August 1999
Anna Lazou

Review of Giants: A South African Antigone, July 2001
Marianne McDonald

Review of Medea, Los Angeles, October 2001
Carl Mueller

Review of Clyt at Home: The Clytemnestra Project, Los Angeles, October 2001
Carl Mueller

Review of Rhesus: A Greek Tragedy, Newfoundland, October 2001
Elizabeth Scharffenberger

Review of The Women's Festival (Thesmophoriazusae 2001): A Musical Comedy, November, 2001
Elizabeth Scharffenberger