While it is no longer 1995, it is at least still winter--at least in this hemisphere. In this issue we present to you three papers and a response direct from the 'Comedy Today' panel at the 1995 American Philological Associating meetings in sunny San Diego. The panelists compensated for the early hour of their presentation by giving the audience an enthusiastic rendering of their own version of the opening of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, followed by accounts of productions which certainly did not leave us cold.

Though comedy predominates the production of Roman drama, there are those who prefer to stage less light-hearted aspects of Roman history. In this issue we also present an account of Tony Harrison's Marcus Aurelius, a unique event in the amphitheater at Petronell Carnutum.

Readers will observe some changes to the general format of Didaskalia. First, Christopher Marshall has replaced Peter Toohey as Associate Editor. To our great regret, however, Marianne McDonald has resigned from the Editorial Board.

We have replaced our ordinary Listings section with the Window on the World, which provides an overview of events around the world, occasionally with notes or comments. For up-to-date listings, please consult the Watch This Space page.

On the technical side, the search engines in the WWW version are now operational: follow the link from the home page to search our entire WWW archive by keyword. (Unfortunately we cannot provide the same feature for gopher or ftp.) Also, a reminder that Warwick's gopher will soon be dismantled. ASCII versions of Didaskalia will continue to be available by ftp at ftp.csv.warwick.ac.uk | /pub/journals/didaskalia.

We have provided direct e-mail links to both the author and the editors at the foot of each article in the WWW version, in order to enable readers to provide feedback. Please do send any comments or suggestions to the appropriate person.

Our Spring 1996 issue, which will appear in April, has as its theme 'Radical Reworkings.' We have several contributions already, but features and reviews are always welcome. In the meantime, enjoy your trip across the Roman stage.

And for once, the editor has not authored any of the articles published here.

Sallie Goetsch
E-mail: tssac@csv.warwick.ac.uk