This volume marks the first in what I hope will become a series of supplemental issues to Didaskalia, which will appear in months when no regular issue is scheduled. Didaskalia Supplement 1 contains the proceedings of the 'How is it Played?' conference which took place at Texas A&M in October of 1994. Other prospective supplements include full-length translations, undergraduate and masters' theses, and monographs.

Supplements have their own editors, who are responsible for the content and structure of the supplement; Didaskalia acts only as publisher and makes only a minimal contribution to editing. If you are interested in editing a supplement, by all means contact me, but bear in mind that publishing supplements requires compensation for the time and labor involved. Small grants such as are available from universities should be sufficient, and of course your work will never go 'out of print.'

Not all of the papers in this issue are directly pertinent to ancient theater, but all of them have something interesting to say on the subject of performance.

Please direct queries and comments about the papers themselves to Elise Garrison. Mistakes in formatting or difficulty in transmission, as well as proposals for future supplements, should be directed to me.

Sallie Goetsch
University of Warwick