Ancient Greek Mask Interactive View

This page allows you to view the reconstructed tragic mask from all angles.

A genuinely three-dimensional VRML version of this mask is available as well, but the quality of the images is higher in these still shots. Use the arrows left and right of the image of the mask to rotate the mask.

© Mask reconstructions copyright Animagic 1997.

VRML Browser Plug-ins

Get WorldView v2.0, Intervista's 3D plug-in for Netscape Navigator, which gives Windows 95 and Windows NT users the ability to view VRML files over the Internet. Or get the Cosmo Player, Silicon Graphics' three dimensional (3D) viewer for the World Wide Web. This Netscape plug-in is available for Windows95 and WindowsNT.

Didaskalia: Ancient Theatre Today / edited by Hugh Denard and C.W. Marshall / ISSN 1321-4853