A Winter's Tale

This issue is long overdue. Though it might be winter for readers in the Southern Hemisphere, it is certainly not 1996. The contents of the issue nevertheless pertain to events in the winter of 1996. In particular, our Features section is made up of papers delivered at the American Philological Association's annual meeting in New York. The panel was sponsored by the APA Committee for the Performance of Classical Texts, whose survey of drama in the classroom can be accessed from Didaskalia's home page. Our next issue (Didaskalia 4.1) will include he papers from another APA panel, 'Crossing the Stages,' and we also hope to publish the papers from the Seneca panel in due time. We are also collecting material for a Supplement consisting of performance scripts. Submissions are welcome. So are volunteers to help with HTML markup.

So, as you can see, we are not short of material. Indeed, in all respects but the delayed release of new issues (for which I am entirely to blame), Didaskalia is flourishing. Your editor has not been entirely idle since Issue 3.2 was published. Didaskalia's central website now includes a section on ancient stagecraft, where you can find our evolving reconstructions of the Theater of Dionysus in Athens. Didaskalia has also become an Associate of Amazon.com Books (Earth's biggest bookstore), allowing you to order items in our bibliography, and books we have reviewed, directly from our website--an advantage for those who do not live within easy reach of Blackwells or Borders.

Unfortunately these changes are of no benefit to those without access to the WWW, to whom I owe my deepest apologies and express my sincere hopes that the technological revolution will soon catch up with you.

As always, readers should feel free to contact the editors at any time with questions, suggestions, and complaints. It is clear from the number of queries and compliments which come through that there is considerable interest in ancient theater and that we are becoming known as the place to find out about it.

Sallie Goetsch
University of Warwick
E-mail: tssac@csv.warwick.ac.uk