Some of you may remember that this issue was supposed to come out in April. Some of you may also remember that in the February editorial I gave a long lecture about deadlines. Some of you may be enjoying the fact that I'm squirming.

Well, it's true: while there were some people who had trouble meeting the deadlines for this issue--and some pieces which are still outstanding--the primary reason for this unconscionable delay lies with yours truly, the editor.

In defense of myself I will say that Didaskalia has no budget at all. I have to do the considerable work involved in formatting files for the ASCII version and then reformatting them for the WWW version for free, in my alleged spare time. I badly need at least one on-location sub-editor, but can't afford one.

So anyone with ideas about how to get this journal funded so we can expand as we ought to and not keep struggling to catch up, please let me know.

In the meantime, the Editorial Board has agreed to take up the suggestion of one of our members that Didaskalia publish quarterly rather than bimonthly, in order to take some of the pressure off.

That means the next issue will be Winter 1995 and will probably arrive sometime in late December or early January. The theme will be Roman Stagings.

It also means that many listings will have 'expired' by the time an issue is published. New listings will be posted on the Listings page on our Website as they come in. Apologies to those of our readers who do not yet have Web access.

I do hope that this issue proves to be worth the wait.

Sallie Goetsch
University of Warwick
E-mail: tssac@csv.warwick.ac.uk