Athens Festival 1994
Odeon of Herodes Atticus
Athens, Greece

Tuesday, August 9

Theatrical Monologue
Dramatized narration inspired by the life of the Byzantine Empress Theodora
Directed by Michael Cacoyanis
Starring Irene Pappas
Music by Vangelis Papthanassiou

Saturday, August 20

Aristophanes' Plutus
Directed by Stamatis Fassoulis
National Theatre of Greece

Sunday, September 25

Stravinsky's Oedipus Rex
Presented by the Opera de Monte Carlo with the participation of the Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir of
Monte Carlo
Featuring S. Leiferkus as Creon, V. Cole as Oedipus, A. Papatziakou as Jocasta.


Epidavros Festival 1994
Ancient Theater of Epidavros

August 6-7

Sophocles' Maidens of Trachis
Directed by Spyros A. Evangelatos
Produced by Amphi-Theatre

August 13-14

Aristophanes' Plutus
Directed by Mimis Kougioumtzis
Produced by Karolos Koun's Art Theatre

August 20-21

Aristophanes' Birds
Directed by Evis Gavrilides
Produced by the Theatrical Organisation of Cyprus

August 27-28

Aristophanes' Birds
Directed by Andreas Voutsinas
Produced by the State Theatre of Northern Greece

September 3-4

Aristophanes' Lysistrata
Directed by Sir Peter Hall
Produced by the Peter Hall Theatre Company

For further information contact:
The Greek National Tourist Organization
Olympic Tower
845 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10022
Tel. (212) 421-5777
Fax (212) 826-6940


Aristophanes' Lysistrata
Translated by Kenneth McLeish
Contact Theatre
Sept. 28 - Oct. 22
stlg7.50 (Sat & final week stlg8.50)/
stlg5.50 (Sat & final week stlg6.50)/

'Using every form of dance from Ballroom to Boogie'


Aeschylus' Oresteia

Company: Melpomene.
Director: Peter Stein.

Rotterdam, Rotterdamse Schouwburg
18 and 21 September 1994.

Information: Rotterdamse Schouwburg,
Phone: +31 10 4118110
Fax: +31 10 4132404

Homer's Iliad in five acts
Company: Toneelgroep Amsterdam
Director: Peter Oosthoek.
Translation and adaptation: Gerard Koolschijn.

Amsterdam, TTA,
7 November - 23 December 1994

For information, please contact:
Toneelgroep Amsterdam
Phone: +31 20 5237800
Fax +31 20 6268526

Aeschylus' Perzen

Company: Theatergroep Hollandia.
Directors: Johan Simons & Paul Koek.
Translation: Herman Altena.

On location in Noordholland
17 November - 23 December 1994.

For information, please contact:
Theatergroep Hollandia
Phone: +31 75 310231
Fax +31 75 701906

Information about these productions can also be obtained from
Herman Altena
Universiteit van Amsterdam
Klassiek Seminarium
Oude Turfmarkt 129
1012 GC Amsterdam
Phone: +31 20 5252571
Fax: +31 20 5252544


Aeschylus' Oresteia
Performed in Russian with English Supertitles Directed and
Adapted by Peter Stein

Sponsored by the Edinburgh International Festival

August 25, 27, 28
3:00 PM

Murrayfield Ice Rink
For Booking Details Contact:
Edinburgh International Festival Box Office 21 Market Street
Edinburgh EH1 1BW
Tel. (031) 226 5756
Fax (031) 226 7669

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Agamemnon, by Steven Berkhoff
Fettes College
Aug 25-27, 29-31, 7.25 pm
Tel. 031 332 2281

Another Antigone, by A.R. Gurney
Dickinson College with the Jean Cocteau Repertory Randolph
Aug 15-20, 4.00 pm,
Tel. 031 229 6697
[A play about the conflict between a student studying Sophokles
and her professor.]

The Rifle Lodge
Aug 27 - Sept 3, 1.45pm
Tel. 031 557 1785
["A modern exploration of the tragic consequences of
Passion bound by Reason - Sophocles Unplugged."]

Theatriki Leski
The Demarco European Art Foundation
Aug 29 - Sept 3, 10.15pm
Tel. 031 558 3371
["The first serious attempt to accurately reproduce the ritualistic
articulation of ancient Greece."]

Ben Hur
Renegade Touring Company
Aug 14-15, 17-22, 24-28, 4.05pm
Tel. 031 228 9116

The Birds, adapted by David Cottis,
Instant Classics
St. Columba's by the Castle
Aug 14 (free preview), 15-20, 22-27, 29 - Sept 3, 8.15pm
Tel. 031 220 5959

Libation Bearers
"Z" Theatre Company, C, Over-Seas House
Aug 10-15, 17-22, 24-27, 2.15pm
Tel. 031 225 5105

Lysistrata - The New One
Welsh College of Music and Drama
Harry Younger Hall
Aug 22-27, 4.00pm

Medea, by J. Ennouil
MEL (Moscow)
Adam House Theatre
Aug 21-27, 12.00 noon
Tel. 031 650 8200

Meeting Cassandra
Tmu-Na Theatre with Antonia Smits
The Demarco European Art Foundation
Aug 15-20, 22-27, 6.15pm
Tel. 031 558 3371
["A powerful one-woman show based on the myth of Cassandra."]

Pericles and I, from Walter Savage Landor, adapted by Gina
Stigma Theatre Productions
St. Columba's by the Castle
Aug 14-20, 12.15am, Aug 22-27, 10.40am
Tel. 031 220 5959
["the exhilarating story of Periclean Athens and the dilemmas of
love and power that beset Pericles"]

The Women of Troy
Nottinghamshire Education Theatre Company The Nottinghamshire
Aug 22-26, 2.30pm