Valedictory from the Editor

Amy R. Cohen

Amy R. Cohen

The time has come for me to hand Didaskalia to new leadership. 

Many thanks to Randolph College for their farsightedness in taking up the journal when it needed a new home, and especially to Chris Cohen and the Information Technology staff, for their years of patience and creative expertise.  Thanks, too, to the members of the Advisory and Editorial Boards who have contributed time and insight to the enterprise.  The wisdom of associate editor C.W. Marshall and the swift correctness of assistant editor Jay Kardan have regularly elevated the quality of the journal. Gage Stuntz, Grace Gardiner, Kiaorea Wright, Gabriel Kuhl, and Sophia Dill were the interns who trudged through code and transcriptions and video editing to make the publication possible, and became wonderful colleagues at the same time.

The last seven years have given me the opportunity to make connections with a remarkable variety of scholars and practitioners of ancient drama.  I am encouraged over and over again by the strength of the work being done in our field, on paper and on stage.  I am so proud to be a member of this company and to have been able to showcase that work.

Beginning with Volume 14, the journal will be published from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. I'm pleased to announce that Mike Lippman will be the new Editor-in-Chief. I look forward to seeing the new directions he takes Didaskalia.


A PDF of this piece: Volume 13, Number 15