Guidelines for Other Submissions

In addition to Articles and Reviews, Didaskalia welcomes a wide variety of pieces in its Views section.  Since such pieces are new developments for the journal, these guidelines are preliminary and will evolve.


We welcome pieces about upcoming productions, especially those giving a sense of the aesthetic and critical questions at stake in preparation.  We expect a preview to be more than a simple advertisement for the event (for that, please submit a listing to the Dionysiac): it should take advantage of the opportunity to engage with the community of fellow scholars and practitioners of ancient performance.


We seek text, audio, or video interviews of artists and/or scholars involved in ancient performance.  We particularly want to make full use of our online capabilities.  Any serious discussion of large or small questions of ancient performance could make for a compelling conversation.


Opinion or personal pieces or non-article essays on aspects of ancient performance have a place in Didaskalia.  We need a sense of the work being done, even if no analytical or critical arguments have emerged immediately from the work.  We also value the personal responses of scholars and practitioners to ideas, events, and people in the field.

On View

Please send notices of upcoming events to Hallie Marshall (

Items for the Views sections can be less formal than articles but will still be edited to meet our standards of quality.

If you have doubts about where in Didaskalia your submission belongs or questions about how to shape a potential submission, please consult with the editors.

Please see the General Guidelines for basic issues of style and format.