Close Relations

This special issue of Didaskalia contains a selection of articles based on the conference and shows some of the range of approaches taken by participants when defining 'space'. Space here is conceived as being located in the physical world (architectural, corporeal), in the mind (imagination, interpretation, concepts), in culture (the source-culture, reception across cultures and time), and in time (space-time, spaces in time, spaces across time). [ Read more ]...

Performing Nero
Murray Dahm

Remembering Derry
Jane Mongtomery Griffiths

The Atomic Bomb as Dea Ex Machina: Heiner Muller's Medea
Ivar Kvistad

'I can not act / Cause I'm no actor' - dood Paard's postdramatic medEia
Paul Monaghan

Titanic Resilience
Giulia Torello

World Full of Gods
Ashley Wain