General Issue

Back in May, when this issue was supposed to appear, I had just begun redesigning Didaskalia's website so that the form would match the content in quality. By now most readers have already seen the new buttons and backgrounds and the expanded profiles of the members of the Editorial Board, but if you have not, take time to look around. Your comments will be appreciated. I personally like to think that the improved appearance of the journal was a factor in its nomination for a UCISA award. (Results of the competition are not yet available.) [ Read more ]...

'Oedipus and Revelation in the Courthouse Park: Harry Partch's Two Music-Dramas on Classical Greek Themes'
John Chalmers

'Odysseus as Sacred Monster: Notes on a neo-Romantic adaptation of Homer's Odyssey'
Dennis Douglas

'Staging The Iliad
Peter Meineck

Prometheus, Medea and Antigone: Metaphors for Irish Rebellion and Social Change'
Steve Wilmer

Theater Reviews

'Walk on the Wild Side (Lysistrata)
Sallie Goetsch

'Laird's Frogs'
Antony Keen

'The Complete Plays of Seneca'
Colin Mayrhofer

'Sophocles' Ajax'
Marianne McDonald

'Sophokles' Antigone'
Liz Roberts

'Tragedy in the Pit (Medea)'
Ian Storey

Book Reviews

Review of Memoria del futuro: I teatri antichi greci e romani: censimento and I teatri greci e romani
Thomas Pallen

Review of Stanley Ireland's commentary on Menander's Dyskolos
John R. Porter

Window on the World

Euripides' The Phoenician Women at Stratford
Kaboodle in THE BACCHAE
Ninth London Festival of Greek Drama
Frogs Tour 1996
Ancient Comic Opera Company REOPENS:
Sophocles' OEDIPUS TYRANNOS in Akron, Ohio
Actors of Dionysus Spring Tour
Euripides' Medea at Trent University
Plautus' *Curculio* at Trent University
Classical Association Annual General Meeting
Funny Thing happening on Broadway
The Rope by Plautus
Antigone in New York
Teaching the Oresteia: A Conference
INDA productions at Syracuse
Antigone in Missouri
Gospel in Austin
Mostellaria at Rugby School
Ancient Theater in London
Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama
Researcher: Performances of Greek and Roman Drama
Script in search of a stage
Aristophanes in Dunedin
DRAMA 1996: Sophocles' Electra in Performance
Call for Papers: 'Crossing the Stages: The Production, Performance and Reception of Ancient Theater'
Didaskalia is Rated in the Top 5%
Ancient Theater CD from UPenn
Lysistrata in Warwick
Research Assistant: Ancient Theatre and its Legacy
Announcing E-Script
Medea in the Mirror
Winter in Western Australia
The Oedipus Plays
Medea in St. Andrews