General Issue

Yes, here we are, believe it or not: the Autumn issue of Didaskalia has appeared on schedule. (Well, almost.) With the first, text-only volume of Didaskalia, I took it for granted that we would appear on time, and we did. But the journal has expanded considerably since then. Dual-format production alone requires time, as all the files have to be marked up from ASCII to HTML and uploaded separately onto two different servers. The listings have to be updated several times a week, and sometimes more than once in a day. The site as a whole needs to be maintained, checked, and updated, with new links added in and expired links deleted. It took days of searching the net via Altavista to collect the current links on our Related Resources pages. Didaskalia deals with a living, growing, rapidly changing field, and it is very easy to fall behind. [ Read more ]...

'Marathon Bardic Reading'
James J. Helm

'Report from Western Australia'
Judith Maitland

'Aiming at Authenticity: Het Homerostheater's Antigone
Arne Sybren Postma

Theater Reviews

Three Reviews of the 1996 INDA productions at Siracusa

Three reviews of the RSC Phoenician Women

Choephoroi and Medea
Thomas A. Pallen

Sophocles' Antigone
Robin Bond

Actors of Dionysus Medea
Sallie Goetsch

Jose Triana's Medea in the Mirror'
Marianne McDonald

Seamus Heaney's The Cure at Troy'
Marianne McDonald

ART Agamemnon
Patrick Rourke

Book Reviews

Review of The Everyman edition of Aeschylus.
Bill Blye

Window on the World

Phoenician Women in the Barbican Pit
Lysistrata in Warwick
Aristophanes in Dunedin
Athens Festival 1996
Epidavros Festival 1996
Olympus Festival 1996
Epirotika Festival Performances at Dodona
Festival of Kassandra in Epirus
Medea in the Mirror
The Wanderings of Odysseus
Winter in Western Australia
The Oedipus Plays in London
Medea in St. Andrews
Oedipus in Durban
THE RIVALS OF ARISTOPHANES: a comic conference
Classics at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Antigone in New Zealand
Call for Papers: Translation Conference
Call for Papers: Thessaloniki
Call for Papers: Saskatchewan
HOMEROS Theatre Antigone
Ancient Comic Opera Company's Clouds still playing
Rotterdamse Schouwburg 1996/97
Antigone Video from Australia
Agamemnon 2
No Sex in Finsbury Park
Aias in Newcastle
Oedipus Revival in Stratford, Ontario
Aeneid Reading
Helen in London
Greek National Theater Elektra in NYC
Actors of Dionysus Autumn Tour
Medea, The Musical
Oresteia Reading
Greek in Oxford
Orestes in Alberta
Plautus and Euripides in Western Canada
Hecuba in Peterborough
APA 'Positions for Classicists' Online
Computers and Classics Post
Add Your Pictures to Perseus
The Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama
New York Greek Drama Company Videos
Call for Papers: Graduate Students' Conference
International Colloquium on Aristophanes