The Performance of Homeric Epic

This issue is long overdue. Though it might be winter for readers in the Southern Hemisphere, it is certainly not 1996. The contents of the issue nevertheless pertain to events in the winter of 1996. In particular, our Features section is made up of papers delivered at the American Philological Association's annual meeting in New York. The panel was sponsored by the APA Committee for the Performance of Classical Texts, whose survey of drama in the classroom can be accessed from Didaskalia's home page. Our next issue (Didaskalia 4.1) will include he papers from another APA panel, 'Crossing the Stages,' and we also hope to publish the papers from the Seneca panel in due time. We are also collecting material for a Supplement consisting of performance scripts. Submissions are welcome. So are volunteers to help with HTML markup. [ Read more ]...

'Introduction to the Topic of Homeric Performance'
Steve Reece

'Thunder but no Clouds: the Genesis of the Homeric Text'
Richard Janko

'Performance Dynamics and the Internal Audiences of the Odyssey*'
Lillian Doherty

'Homer and South Slavic Epic'
John Miles Foley

'Homer and Appalachian Bluegrass'
John Wright

Theater Reviews

'Orestes: a classic' (University of Alberta)
Diana Davidson

Reveiw of The Oedipus Plays at the National Theatre, London
Sallie Goetsch

Review of Trojan Women in Birmingham
Sallie Goetsch

'Prometheus Bound: a riveting production,' (Trent University, Ontario)
Kevin Whetter

'Improving Aeschylus' (Review of Les Danaides in Dublin)
Steve Wilmer

Book Reviews

Review of Caterina Barone's commentary on Helen
Guido Bonelli

Review of commentaries on Medea and Heracles
Simeon Underwood

Window on the World

Computers and Classics Post
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Greek in Oxford
Orestes in Alberta
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Trojan Women in Birmingham
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Rotterdamse Schouwburg 1996/97
Ajax in Western Australia
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Ion: the Comedy
University of Toronto Lecture
Bacchae and Frogs in Newcastle
Berkoff's Agamemnon in Chicago
Aquila Productions Spring Tour
London Festival of Greek Drama
Trojan Women in Toledo, Ohio
Aias in Newcastle, Australia
Actors of Dionysus Spring Tour
Chlo‘ Productions Double Bill
Plautus and Euripides in Western Canada
Faculty Workshop on Classics and Cinema
Persephone Premiere
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'Crossing the Stages:
The Production, Performance and Reception of Ancient Theater'
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