Volume 10 (2013)

Didaskalia is an academic journal dedicated to the study of ancient theatre and its legacy in performance.

[PDF of entire volume, 88pp, 8.7MB]

10.01 Remembering Kate Bosher 1974–2013 [PDF]
John Given
10.02 Review - Seneca's Thyestes at Barnard/Columbia [PDF]
Timothy Hanford
10.03 Review - Seneca's Thyestes at Barnard/Columbia [PDF]
Michael Goyette
10.04 Review - Euripides' Iphigenia at Aulis at Trent and Trinity [PDF]
Timothy Wutrich
10.05 Review - Combat Veterans, Neuroscience, and the Tragic Mask: Euripides’ Herakles [PDF]
Natasha Mercouri
10.06 Conversation - About the Aquila Herakles at the Brooklyn Academy of Music [PDF]
Amy R. Cohen and John H. Starks, Jr.
10.07 Review - The Odyssey on Angel Island [PDF]
Al Duncan
10.08 Review - 49th Season of Classical Plays at the Greek Theatre in Syracuse: Sophocles’s Oedipus Tyrannus and Antigone, and Aristophanes’s The Ecclesiazusae [PDF]
Caterina Barone
10.09 Review - Sophocles’s Trachiniae at the Festival of Epidaurus [PDF]
Vicky Manteli
10.10 Review - Aristophanes’ Lysistrata at the Intiman Theatre [PDF]
Brett M. Rogers
10.11 Review - The Paper Cinema’s Odyssey at the Battersea Arts Centre and The Odyssey, Creation Theatre and The Factory [PDF]
Stephe Harrop
10.12 Why Didaskalia?: The Language of Production in (and its Many Meanings for) Greek Drama [PDF]
Brett M. Rogers
10.13 Men In Drag Are Funny: Metatheatricality and Gendered Humor in Aristophanes [PDF]
Reina Erin Callier
10.14 Review - Antigonick: A new version of Sophocles's Antigone [PDF]
Eric Dugdale