Tuesday 7 March
Professor Eric Handley: 'Greek Comedy in the Theatre'
1:15 PM,
Lecture Theatre, British Museum
Admission Free

Tuesday 14 March
Dr. Sue Blundell: 'Aristophanes' *Lysistrata* and Weaving Women's Values'
1:15 PM,
Lecture Theatre, British Museum
Admission Free

Tuesday 21 - Friday 24 March
Chloe Productions Workshops: '*The Cyclops*: Ancient Drama and the Satyr Play'
11:30 AM and 2:30 PM
Theatre Museum, Covent Garden
Tickets available from the Education Department,
Theatre Museum,
Russell St.,
Covent Garden,
London WC2E 7PA
Tel. (071) 836 7891

Friday 31 March
Dr. David Wiles: 'Aeschylus in the Light of Japanese Theatre Practice'
1:15 PM
Lecture Theatre, British Museum


St. Andrews University, Fife

Sunday April 2nd

Monday April 3rd

Tuesday April 4th

Conference Fee: UK25 (Students UK5)

For further information about booking accomodations, meals, and excursions, contact
The Secretary
School of Greek, Latin, and Ancient History
University of St. Andrews
Fife KY16 9AL

Multi-Partner Project on Greek Drama in Europe

1-10 April, 1995

Interim planning on Athens conference

The dates of the lectures and the seminars are 3-7 April. Cultural visits will be planned for 1-2 April and 8-9 April.

Professor Marianne McDonald (University of San Diego) will be giving the keynote lecture on National Differences in Modern Adaptations of Greek Tragedy: the Irish, Japanese and French experience.

Professor Erika Fischer-Lichte (Mainz University) will be giving a presentation on German adaptations (using video ?)

Professor Michael Anderson and his student Katerina (University of Kent) will be presenting a comparison of Mnouchkine's Les Atrides, Peter Hall's Oresteia and Peter Stein's Munich production of the Oresteia and will be using video to document the comparison. (Possibly another lecturer named Alan Beck and some students will attend.)

Steve Wilmer and his teaching assistant Hugh Denard (Trinity College Dublin) will be discussing Irish adaptations and making a CD-ROM style presentation (using Macintosh AV and syquest drive). Two of his students may also give short seminar papers and Martin Adams a lecturer in the Music department may be giving a paper on operatic adaptations.

Savas Patsalides's student Penelope Hatzedemetriou(Aristotle University,Thessaloniki) will be presenting a paper on the revival of ancient Greek tragedy at the State Theatre (1974 to the present)

Dr. Pirkko Koski (Helsinki University) and a Finnish director Esa Kirkkopelto, and three students will be giving a presentation on recent Finnish productions

A Swedish student of Willmar Sauter from Stockholm University will present a paper on Medea's Children.

Professor Aliki Bacopoulou-Halls will be giving a paper (?) and she may organise one or two local speakers who have worked as theatre practitioners in staging modern productions to discuss such areas as music, choreography, direction, etc.

For further information contact
Steve Wilmer
Beckett Centre
Trinity College, Dublin
Dublin 2


Saturday April 22, 1995
Annual Meeting of the Classical Association of the Middle West and South
Omaha, Nebraska

The Open Mike is an informal gathering for actors, bards, sophists, translators, and all classicists who are interested in reading aloud. This year we are planning to follow a format similar to last year's, for which see Stan Lombardo's report on 'Modern-Day Rhapsodes' in *Didaskalia* 1.2 (May 1994). Participants are welcome to present short pieces on an 'open mike' basis, or to apply in advance by sending in a proposal. Texts may be in Latin or Greek, or in original translation. Spectators are also welcome.

For more information please contact
Professor Pam Gordon
Department of Classics
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS 66045-2139
Telephone: (913) 864-3153


The Classical Association's library of lectures on cassete includes the following drama-related lectures (numbers given refer to the complete catalogue):

Borrowers undertake not to copy whole or part of any tape or to make a written transcript. Hire copies are normally supplied on cassette. Every effort is made to supply for a specific date if needed, but please give as much notice as possible. Tapes are loaned for four weeks and MUST BE RETURNED PROMPTLY. The hire fee of 75p per tape should be sent with the order and the reference numbers of tapes quoted. (Cheques should be made payable to 'CA Tape Archive' and borrowers overseas are asked to remit in sterling.) The cost of outward postage must be refunded when tapes are returned. Please be sure to return any printed material included with tapes, and to enclose the slip sent with tapes. An SAE would be appreciated with postal enquiries other than orders. When orders are placed by telephone or fax or via e-mail, the hire fee should be sent when returning the tapes.

Concessions have been agreed in respect of loans to visually- handicapped members who may borrow tapes free of charge. Those registered as blind or partially-sighted do not have to pay postage.

The Curator would be very pleased to hear from secretaries of local branches who are arranging lectures which could be recorded for the Library, and also from any scholars willing to record papers.

To borrow tapes or for further information, please contact:
W.B. O'Neill BA (Curator)
CA Tape Archive
4 Stonecliffe View
Leeds LS12 5BE
Tel/Fax (0113) 263 4364


Nineteenth-Century Appropriations of Ancient Greece in Britain

Department of Classics
University of Reading

July 8th, 1995

In connection with their Research Project on Greek drama in performance in Britain, 1700-1900, Edith Hall (Lecturer) and Fiona Macintosh (Research Fellow) invite you to attend an informal one- day conference on 19th-century appropriateions of ancient Greece in British culture. It will be held in the Department of Classics, at the University of Reading, on Saturday July 8th 1995, starting at 10:00 AM.

The intention is to bring together academics with an interest in the reception of ancient Greece, especially drama, in order to stimulate further co-operation and contact.

There will be between six and eight 30-minute papers, and a discussion session.

Speakers will include Pat Easterling (Cambridge) on the Cambridge Greek play, Lorna Hardwick (Open University) on 19th-century women, translation, and power, Chris Stray (Swansea) on the Cambridge tripos, Fiona Macintosh (Reading) on burlesques of Greek tragedy and Edith Hall (Reading) on the Myth of Salamis.

Further offers of papers are welcomed, especially on Greek themes in 19th-century opera, political rhetoric, and the visual arts. The transport costs of speakers will be reimbursed.

There is no registration fee: coffee, lunch, tea, and drinks will be provided.

To register for the conference please contact:
Edith Hall
Dept. of Classics
Faculty of Letters
University of Reading


Wednesday, July 26
9:30-11:00 AM

St. John's College Auditorium
Oxford University

As part of the Triennial Meeting of the Joint Committee of Greek and Roman Societies in Oxford, M. L. West will be giving a presentation on 'The Sound of Greek Tragedy,' including an introductory lecture, a dialogue scene in performance, a demonstration of the *aulos*, and a choral number with *aulos* accompaniment.

Conference fee: UK40 (full), UK20 (concessions)
One-day registration: UK10 (full) UK5 (concessions)

For enquiries or to register and book accomodation, please contact
Mrs. P. Catling, Secretary to the Triennial Meeting
Classics Office
37 Wellington Square
Oxford OX1 2JF
Tel. (01865) 270549
Fax (01865) 278548


The Hydra Workshop of Ancient Greek Theatre

In the summer of 1995 the Hydra Workshop of Ancient Greek Theatre, in collaboration with Georgia Southwestern College, will offer a unique theatre workshop, lasting six weeks, on the Greek island of Hydra. The island, an artist's colony where cars are prohibited, is two hours away from the summer theatre festivals of Epidavros and Athens.

The program will consist of two parallel comprehensive courses: one in the origins, development, and historical background of ancient Greek Drama; and one on practical theatre, involving acting and method group work along with mask-making and movement. In addition, Friday seminars on 'Ancient Greek Theatre in Modern Dress' and a series of lectures from European and American professors will be offered.

The Workshop starts on July 3rd and ends August 12th 1995. The program is fully accredited: complete instruction for 12 credit hours (or 8 semester hours). The Workshop's language is English.

The climax of the whole program will be a small-scale production of an ancient play involving all students in either acting or technical roles.

For information, write or call:
Duke Jackson, Chairman
Department of Fine Arts
Georgia Southwestern College
800 Wheatley Street
Americus, GA 31709-4693
Tel. (912) 931-2204

Or contact the Workshop's main office:
George Christodoulakis, Director
Hydra Workshop of Ancient Greek Theatre
Postal Box One
Hydra 18040
Tel. and Fax: (0298) 52054


Classicist holding doctorate wanted to teach 40 contact hours of classical dramatic theory from 3 July to 12 August. Instructors from major American universities preferred.

Interested parties should contact
Duke Jackson, Chairman
Department of Fine Arts
Georgia Southwestern College
800 Wheatley Street
Americus, GA 31709-4693
Tel. (912) 931-2204